The Aethair System

About the Aethair System


The home world of the Aethair System is covered in lush forests, mountain ranges, and flowing rivers.

The architecture of this world is mostly grown with magic rather than build and has an organic fell. Home to the gods and their children, Aetharia is all but untouched by man-kind. Few mortals ever see her shores.


Hathor and Moradin founded the world of Redolan. They along with their children, Harina, Hardina, and Harianrhod are her caretakers.

The native magic of Redolan is the Life Force, the energy that resides in all living things.

The In Blood and Fire novels are set in Redolan.


Realm of Nyxa and Erubas, along with their son, Undun, Bestairia was once a utopian society until their daughter, Nemesistaea, unleashed her rage upon the world.

Home of the dragons, it is full of wild places and wilder magic.


Adair and Everna, along with their spouses, Alator and Epona, sung the world of Ithrimiria into being.

A cataclysmic event caused by their rivals killed every living person or animal on the world.

Refugees from that cataclysm escaped to other worlds in the Aethair System.