August and September Reads

August and September Reads

Image with book covers: Brandon Sanderson's Alloy of Law and Shadow of Self; Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series

For most of the month I was finishing an Outlander Binge that I started in late August.

Once that was over, I dove back into my Sanderlanche and started back on Mistborne, Era Two.

If you have read the Outlander Series, you know it has some issues. The overuse of SA really gets to me at times. It is a recurring theme with multiple characters. While it was and is something that happens to a lot of people, it seems most of the major characters in that series deal with it one or more times. I will say that Gabaldon accurately depicts (in my opinion) the trauma and PTSD related with those events, but it can be overwhelming and frankly triggering to have to go through the healing arc of the same or similar events with multiple characters over and over.

I really enjoy seeing parts of the Revolutionary War that we don't see in fiction as much. I haven't read many books that deal with the back country of North Carolina during that time period. Add in time traveling, and it can get interesting.

I paused my Sanderlache read at the end of The Alloy of Law, not because I didn't enjoy the book, but because my health took a turn and I switched to listening to things I had read before. That way if I drifted off, I didn't miss anything. (Hence the Outlander marathon). I finished it and quickly dove into Shadows of Self, which I finished Monday. The ending was a shocker!

I really love how Sanderson continues to build on a world we love, while still keeping things fresh. Seeing places like the Pits of Hathsin and parts of the old palace preserved by Harmony gave me chills. I am enjoying the character development and can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

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