March 2024 Reads

March 2024 Reads

With March’s Madness, I decided to revisit the Deverry Cycle which has only recently been released in audio format.

Katherine Kerr’s books were the first fantasy novels that I ever read. I was about sixteen and they had a huge impact on me. Her storytelling style is unique, as is her world.

I have struggled with creativity in the last months and going back to this wonderful world has been rejuvenating.

The magic system is well thought out and uncomplicated, the world and politics are nuanced, and the characters are as flawed as you or I. Have you ever made a mistake in life or chosen a path and thought, “I wonder what could have been?” This series explores that in many ways. As the wheel turns and the characters are reborn, they can explore their “what ifs”.  

One of the things that I enjoy most about Kerr’s books is the way that her characters evolve. We don’t just see them grow through one life, but often through several lifetimes. I am often reminded by this series of the impact that we can have on one another, for good or ill. As each soul is incarnated, the have tangles in their wyrd to work out, along with facing the challenges of their current lives.

And to top it off, the author is kind and engages with her readers often on Facebook and Patreon. Even in the early 2000’s as she went through health struggles she updated her readers on her blog.

I can’t recommend these books more. Come travel the long road, ride through the grasslands, and sail to Bardek!

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