High Lord and High Lady Bennings: Part 2

High Lord and High Lady Bennings: Part 2

Baby carriage

The Endomir Times

7th of Ando 977 A.C.

By Matthew Zale

There are few greater joys in the life of a high lord than the arrival of a healthy and legitimate son and heir.

High Lord Benjamin and High Lady Beth Bennings whirlwind year of scandal and adventure has come to a close with the announcement that the fruits of their labor have ripened. On the 4th of Ando, 977 A.C. the high lady was brought to bed and delivered of a healthy and lusty son.

Our gracious King Charles lent his friend the services of High Master Tam Gale, the grandson of King Jonathan Morthan I. The High Master presided over the joyous occasion and examined the child afterward, and pronounced the young lord to be in good health, as is his mother.

It has been an eventful week for the high lord and his lady. The successful resolution of the court case which has captivated the upper echelons of society for the past months came to an end on the 1st of Ando. High Lord Rendon was ordered to relinquish all lands and incomes left to High Lady Bennings by her late father.

A statement from High Lord Bennings will follow this article. We here at the Endomir Times congratulate the Bennings on a successful venture!

It is with great joy that I and my beloved wife announce the birth of our first child, Lord Randal Bennings, born at seven in the evening on the 4th of Ando, 977 A.D.    King Charles IV and Lady Angela Rendon will serve as his godparents. High Lord Benjamin Bennings

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