Lady Beth Mystery: Part Three

Lady Beth Mystery: Part Three

Ball room

Endomir Court Circular

The Endomir Court Circular, 16th of Caro, 976

Our gracious and most blessed King Charles IV celebrated his nineteenth birthday last night, and his Birthday Ball was the occasion of the season!

Queen Rowan Merrotha Morthan, the Queen Mother, threw her son a lavish bash! The Lord Regent, Samuel Collins, delivered a rousing toast and the dashing young Prince Matthew and Ladies Mellina and Nikkana Collins made a brief appearance in honor of the king.

Any sighting of the young Collins ladies is always a treat, as both are beautiful and intelligent which is more than this author can say about some of the young women who made their curtsy to the king this season. The dashing prince gathered a crowd of young women, even though he is only seventeen. If anyone were to ask this author her opinion, the King seemed glad to be rid of his younger brother and have the attention focused back on his royal self.

But alas for our poor king, the spotlight did not stay on him for long!

High Lord Blake Rendon, who is still the subject of scandal and gossip, caused a scene so large that even the musicians stopped playing to listen to the commotion.

His niece and ward scandalously danced with Lord Magne Montgomery twice, an act which her uncle volubly dressed the young lord down for. Sources have revealed that Rendon was a hair’s breadth away from calling young Montgomery out when the elderly High Lord Stephan Montgomery interceded. No one knows what the elder Montgomery whispered into Rendon’s ear, but Rendon turned scarlet and stomped off, dragging poor Lady Angela with him, and trailing a line of relations behind him.

In other news, Lady Beth has been missing for nearly three months, but the rumor mill claims that the King, and the Lord Regent, have called off the search for the missing woman.

This author smells a secret and would wager a hefty sum that King Charles knows exactly what happened to Lady Beth.

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