Lady Beth Mystery: Part Two

Lady Beth Mystery: Part Two

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The Endomir Times

The Endomir Times, 15th of Zulin 976

By Matthew Zale

The mysterious disappearance of Lady Beth Rendon, daughter of the late Lord Jarrod and Lady Erin Rendon, is still baffling authorities.

High Lord Blake Rendon was interviewed at his estate, Grey Stone Keep after Lady Beth’s disappearance by the Lord Magistrate of Houten, Samuel T. Hart, who reported that the high lord was less than cooperative.

Our sources have confirmed that His Grace was summoned to Endomir by King Charles IV to answer questions about the whereabouts of his niece. He was interviewed at Rendon House on Chatterness Street by the Lord Magistrate himself, Paul Jasper, a copy of his statement will be shared at the end of this article.

While the gossip columns of a certain Court Circular continue to accuse High Lord Rendon of foul play, authorities have found no evidence that His Grace has anything to do with Lady Beth’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, by all reports, Lady Angela Rendon, another niece of His Grace, and cousin to Lady Beth, has been kept in seclusion. The few events that she has gone to, the young lady has been chaperoned by two elderly matrons as well as her uncle. She is remarked to be pale, withdrawn, and to be wearing more makeup than usual.

Endomir Magistrates' Office: Statement entered into official records, 10th of Youn, 976, dictated by High Lord Black Rendon of Grey Stone Keep. When I woke on the 11th of Zulin the girls' governess tolt me she couldn't find Beth. Some of her personal items and clothing are gone. Couldn't tell you what. Ask the bloody governess if you want a list. I sacked her, but she left a forwarding address. I didn't kill the girl, though she will be sorry when I get my hands on her. Angela knows where she is, of that I am certain. Haven't been able to knock it out of her yet.

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