About the Somerled Universe

About the systems and worlds in the Somerled Universe


Aethair System

The Aethair System of the Somerled Universe has nine worlds. The Originator, or Home World of the systems is Aethairia, where the Greatfathers and Greatmothers of the the System raised their families.

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Sol System

The Sol System is comprised of eight worlds and multiple dwarf planets and moons.

Of those worlds only Earth and Mars, along with six moons or dwarf planets sustain life, and not all of it is human.


Gamik System

Little is known about the Gamik System at this time other than rumors and hints. Have you found any yet?



The Universe is made up of four planes: the Physical Plane, where people live; the Mental and Metaphysical Plane, the Sprititual Plane, and a fourth plane that is not spoken of.

The Horanval, or the Convergence of Planes is an area where all four planes are joined together.