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A Burning Ember, Book Two of the In Blood and Fire Series

A Burning Ember, Book Two of the In Blood and Fire Series

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Lenathaina Morthan Coden, rightful Queen of Lithonia, is reeling from a series of blows that would lay any woman low. In rapid succession, she was kidnapped, tortured, and rescued… only to find that her uncle, the King, finally succumbed to his mortal sickness. On top of that, his heir was murdered, and her bastard cousin Garrett Morlette usurped her throne. 

But it is still her throne. 

A race for sovereignty ensues, as Garrett goes to horrific lengths to secure his position as king, while the high lords and ladies who support Lena risk life and limb to rally behind their queen and bring her safely home.    

On not-so-distant shores, the Mystic of Hathor grows restless in the shadows, her efforts to reclaim Lithonia for her people dampened by the limits of Her agents’ power. The time to reveal Herself, and Her plans, is near. 

Time is no friend to Lena. Every day that she is away from her court, more lives are lost, as forces both domestic and foreign tear her land apart. However, if she gives in to urgency and returns too lightly prepared, she’ll not live to be queen. 

Lena’s every move must be calculated. She must recruit the right warriors to her cause. She must train. Then she must infiltrate her own country and fight for her crown—or watch all of Lithonia burn. 

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