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The Conflagration, Book Four of the In Blood and Fire Series: Paperback

The Conflagration, Book Four of the In Blood and Fire Series: Paperback

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Queen Lenathaina Morthan Coden is grieving. She and her allies beat the Mystic of Hathor’s dark forces, but the cost has been high. Thousands lay dead on the field of battle, and Lenathaina knows every one by name.  

Determined to prevent more casualties, she returns to the House of Lords to regroup and reinforce her remaining strongholds. But the House now consists of those too old to fight, and those too young to fulfill the responsibility thrust upon them—and all are dispirited. Can Lena spark hope in her fractured people to rebuild her nation? 

The Mystic has no problem fanning the flames of the Hathorites’ fury after their defeat in Lithonia. Armed now with intimate knowledge of the young queen and her court, the woman claiming to be the goddess Hestia rallies her minions and prepares for the largest invasion Redolan has ever seen. 

But the Savior is on the cusp of claiming her power, poised to change the magic of the world forever—if she can master her abilities.  

Will the Savior of Redolan finally vanquish the corrupt Mystic, or will her own power destroy her, just when the world needs her most? 

The Conflagration is book four of Kristina Gruell’s In Blood and Fire Series.

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