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The World Ablaze, Book Five of the In Blood and Fire Series, Paperback

The World Ablaze, Book Five of the In Blood and Fire Series, Paperback

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The world of Redolan is at war.

Queen Lenathaina has embraced her newfound power and her role as The Savior of Redolan. The rulers of every nation of the free world have gathered in Lithonia to fight by her side.

In Hathor, Arez, the God of War, has taken control of Hestia’s people and prepares for invasion. Meanwhile, Hestia has realized that not only has she been deceived but so have the Mystics that came before her. She is no goddess; she is a puppet. A puppet determined to free herself.

On the world of Bestairia, Arez’s long-time ally⸺ and lover⸺ prepares to embark on the final act of her elaborate plan to destroy all that her brother, the god Moradin, ever loved. As Nemesistaea finally leaves her seat of power to show not just Redolan, but the Universe of Somerled, who is in control, the question must be asked: is anyone strong enough to stop her?

Across the sea, the fabled Southlanders are very much alive, and have come to join the battle. Their mission? To kill gods. Will they see Lenathaina as a Savior or another invading god? Where will the god-killers stand when it comes time to save the world?

Kristina Gruell brings the epic conclusion of the In Blood and Fire Series with The World Ablaze, which will finally answer the question once and for all: can the Savior and the peoples of Redolan stand together and survive the wrath of the gods?

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