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From the Ashes, Book One of the In Blood and Fire Series

From the Ashes, Book One of the In Blood and Fire Series

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Lenathaina Morthan is no stranger to politics and intrigue. She grew up in her uncle's Court, shadowing him at council with the House of Lords. But it’s his cruel son Richard who will inherit the title of King of Lithonia when Charles Morthan finally succumbs to the ancient disease poisoning his blood.

Meanwhile, the Hathorites grow bolder in their attacks, their goddess-gifted dark magik giving them a lethal edge over the Lithonians. The Goddess herself has agents in high places, forcing the world’s leaders to dance on her strings. And Lithonia will soon require a new leader.

If she were to marry Richard, as he insists, Lena would become queen of the country she loves, and have a hand in ensuring its survival against the Hathorite Goddess. But her cousin’s violent nature promises no peace for her or their people—and Lithonia is already on the brink of war.

Though King Charles has allies on the distant shore of Caeldenon, they face the same foreign threat. Could joining their military might be the answer to saving both kingdoms, or will the effort merely unite them in their doom? Is it possible that Lena can tip the balance?

With hope and duty in her heart, and enemies known and unknown gnashing at her heels, Lena embarks on a voyage that will change her life...and the fate of her world.

Author Kristina Gruell debuts with a dark, high-stakes political fantasy, where every new face hides a potential threat. Pick up From the Ashes, and discover the shadow games that will determine the fate of Redolan.

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