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The Flame Within, Book Three of the In Blood and FIre Series: Paperback

The Flame Within, Book Three of the In Blood and FIre Series: Paperback

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Queen Lenathaina Morthan Coden thought that defeating the Usurper King would be her biggest challenge before her coronation; she was wrong.  

Very wrong.  

Spurred on by a shocking secret, a fork in the bloodline of Lithonia’s royalty, Hestia, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Hathor, is determined to finally conquer Lithonia and install herself as queen.  

And she’s not alone. A powerful high lord has aligned himself with Hestia, joining her ranks of priestesses and magi. Though he lacks the terrible magik the others possesshe is their match in being unfettered by any ethical code, trading loyalty and information for his own share of the spoils.  

As Lena tries to counter this betrayalcalling upon alliances old and new to fortify her nation’s borders against the so-called goddess, prophecies resurface that call into question the impact of this confrontation on the world as a whole 

What will remain when all is done? Who is the Savior of Redolan, and which prospective queen will they champion?  

Caught between the ancient prophecies and her own visions of the future, Lenathaina must forge the path forward—for herself, her people, and the good of Redolan. 

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