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The In Blood and Fire Short Story Collection

The In Blood and Fire Short Story Collection

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Time is a concept of men, not gods.

The In Blood and Fire Companion has a ton of bonus content, including maps of Redolan and its nations, detailed explanations of some of the most prominent factions in the story, handy family trees of major and minor Houses, and the prophecies that started it all.   

Revisit the world of gods and magik, and follow familiar characters through several novellas and short stories featuring new perspectives and adventures: The Spark, Wildfire, Firestorm, Mael’Hivar Thane, Into the Garden, and Hardin’s Bow.   


The Spark

The Spark is a prequel novella about Lenathaina's parents and the Battle for Harmon's Island.

Matthew Morthan is blessed: brother to the King of Lithonia, and appointed Protector of the Realm, he’s married to his fated love, with a child on the way. But when his next mission sends him to the island off the northern coast, it could cost him everything. 

Harmon’s Island is the first line of defense for the country of Lithonia. But while putting its new signal towers through the paces, Matthew’s army faces a very real invasion from the neighboring land of Hathor. 

Can Marshal General Morthan fend off the savage magi, or will they take Harmon’s Island—and Matthew’s life? 



Wildfire is set in Pannarius and follows Brandon on the last leg of his journey to the Isles of the Ithrimir.

Brandon Morthan was the youngest in line for the Lithonian throne. Then he lost someone dear to him, and in his grief and anger, manifested the Life Force in a violent blast of magik. Now he’s off to the Isles of Ithrimir, where he’ll train to be a Master. 

Accompanied by a High Master, Brandon sets sail on a journey that will change his life. But he is still a Morthan of Lithonia, and sharks don’t only live in the ocean.

That’s made clear when Brandon and his companion meet a mysterious woman in port. 

Can Brandon keep his identity a secret and make it safely to the Isles, or will the Mystic of Hathor’s  spies cut his young life short? 



Firestorm is a bridge between The Conflagration and The World Ablaze, featuring Tori and Baerik Forrester-Coden.

The Hathorites have breached the northern shores of Lithonia, and lives and territory have been lost. 

On the orders of Queen Lenathaina, the Duc and Ducessa ah Kilmerian take a small army north to reclaim a fallen stronghold. But Arez’s devoted priests are desperate to please their new god, who will accept nothing less than all of Lithonia kneeling at his feet.

The collision of these two forces kicks off the final battle for Redolan, igniting sparks that will set the world ablaze. 


Hardin's Bow

Hardin, fourth child of the gods Moradin and Hathor, feels that to fulfill his destiny to protect his world and people, he needs an unbreakable weapon. This novella is about his journey in crafting that weapon and how it ended up in the Kie Havaro zy lo Savaritara.


Into the Garden

Hathor is many things to many people, but her most important role in the Somerled Universe is the caretaker of her Garden, which serves as a resting place between reincarnations for those whose souls hold more light than darkness. Into the Garden is a series of brief glimpses into that resting place and into the souls that dwell there for a short time. 


Mael'Hivar Thane

Galwyn Tearhall was orphaned at five years old and became a ward of the High King of Caeldenon. Many paths were open to him as a Prince of Cael, but he chose a life of service. On the cusp of his graduation from the elite military academy that trains the Mael'Hivar, the blood sworn warriors of Caeldenon, Galwyn is face with a choice that will shape the rest of his life. 

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